2nd Eco-Challenge on August 17

PUBLISHED August 17, 2014

2nd Eco-Challenge on August 17

Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN) is organizing 2nd TAAN International Eco-Challenge 2014 in Kathmandu on August 17.

Speaking at a press meet organized to inform media persons about the event, TAAN President Ramesh Dhamala said the event is being organized to promote as a destination for adventure sports. “This is the second time that we are organizing this event. Our plan is to organize the event on a regular basis,” added Dhamala.

Eco-challenge is a team event featuring three sporting disciplines – running, cycling and rafting. Interested participants are required to form a group of five persons including a team manager who will not participate in the sporting events.

All four participants will first run on the 6.5-kilometer track from Bhutkhel ground in Tokha to Pani Muhan at the entrance of Shivapuri  Nagarjun-National Park. The participants will then cycle on the 14.5-kilometer track through the Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. After completing cycling, the participants will then raft on 7.5-kilometer segment of Bagmati River until Gokarna.
Ranjan Rajbhandari, coordinator of event, sports and ceremony department of TAAN, said the association plans to promote the Eco-Challenge by selling the event through its member agencies. “We want to promote it as one of the popular adventuring sporting events in the country,” he added.

The winning team will receive gold medals, certificates and cash prize of Rs 125,000. Similarly, the first runner-up will receive silver medals, certificates and cash prize of Rs 95,000, while the second runner-up will take home bronze medals, certificates and a purse of Rs 65,000.

TAAN is expecting participation of at least 20 teams.

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